GTA Online — Jordans Menu v0.4

---Crash protection - Automatic detection of clone crash attempts, and a hotkey that activates a teleport and model change loop around the map
---Weapon protection - Automatic detection of when someone removes all your weapons (instantly given all weapons)
---Safe give cash option for yourself and other online players
---Self - Godmode, never wanted, invisible, fast run, fast swim, super jump, no noise, fix player, no ragdoll, wanted up/down
---Weapon - Get all weapons, no reload/inf ammo, explosive ammo, explosive melee, weapon damage modifier, vehicle damage modifier, infinite parachutes
---Vehicle - Godmode, speed boost, engine power and torque adjustment, slam vehicle, acceleration and braking force adjustment, No falling off, fix and clean, max upgrade vehicle, alpha adjustment
---Vehicle spawning - spawn a variety of vehicles (more added in future updates), option to spawn air vehicles high up
---Teleporting - Teleport to waypoint, closest vehicle, and other locations
---All Online players - spawn a number of vehicles, teleport to waypoint, godmode vehicles, pop tyres, slidey tyres, launch vehicles, karma, no fly zone, kick from vehicle, horn boost, slam vehicles, kill speaking players, slingshot, kill engine
---Misc - show players talking, rich pedestrians, suicidal pedestrians, no cars, time adjustment, portable radio
---Hotkeys - quick access to a number of functions
---Full controller support

Added safe rp increaser
Added aimbot instant kill option
Added more aimbot targets
Added more vehicles
Added option to explode individual/all players when they are in a vehicle
Added option to give individual players vehicles
Added more teleport locations
Added a weather menu
Added a model changer menu
Added more objects to attach
Changed vehicle speed boost to also apply when you are a passenger
Changed esp box size
Fixed vehicle jumping mode when not in a vehicle yourself
Fixed menu title placement when viewing players with long names
Fixed bug where your car would be underground after exiting spectate mode
Switched to Visual Studio 2013 to reduce injection issues

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