GTA Online — GTA Basic Hack Menu v1.5.4

F5 - Disable/ Enable the hack
F6 - Player Menu (where the money drop is)
F10 - Hide/ Show the menu when it's activated

Player Menu
Godmode Active (можно получить бан)
Max Ammo
Remove Junk
Hack Hidden
Repair Vehicle
Teleport to waypoint
Drive to waypoint
Spawn BuffaloS
Spawn P996 Lazer
Police disabled
Kill talking players
Enforce no-fly zone
Teleport to objective
Get a driver
Kill all enemies on map
Increase wanted level
Remove wanted level 
Godmode active (можно получить бан)
Hack hidden
Prev player in list
Next player in list
Give player all weapons (можно получить бан)
Teleport to player vehicle
Explode player (можно получить бан)
Frame player (можно получить бан)
Clone player vehicle
Remove all weapons
Pay and sprayclone
Spectate player
Attach basketball
Jack ride
Remove player from vehicle
Spawn moneyped

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