GTA Online — Developer Mode v0.1

DEVELOPER MODE v0.1: Dev T-Shirts | SCTV | Creator
- R* Dev T-Shirts
- Special Creator Mode
SCTV Notes:
- Load Story mode, open the game menu, select "ONLINE" and "Play GTA Online". There will be a new blank option. Selecting this blank option will load SCTV.
- SCTV seems to be a special observer mode used by R*. You can join any session and spectate others. They won't notice you're there and you won't be visible in the online player list.
- To open the game menu, to e.g. find a new session, press "P"
- To exit SCTV don't press ESC (you will re-join another SCTV session), but press "P" and chose "Leave GTO Online" / exit to Story mode.

Creator Notes:
- There is another blank option when starting the Creator.
Other Notes:
- Injection using "manual map" works!

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