Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (Simple Trainer 1.4)

Описание и инструкции

Для версии 1,27
 Закинуть в папку с игрой
 Открыть F3
 Навигация Num
Для нормальной работы нужен ScriptHookV

 Список изменений
Changes from 1.3:
-Ability to display ingame messages above minimap (disabled by default), also the ability to set message duration (in seconds)
message options moved to separate submenu off options menu page 2. This stuff will be saved when save settings is used.
-Player wet and player dry
-Added quite a few interiors in the interiors teleport off other teleports menu.
-Voices return, unfortunately they don't work quite the same way as in IV. First of all there are only a relatively small number of speeches,
also changing voice for player is not working and for peds this is only supported for the ambient ped models (so no player model).
In any case, for player you can play a select number of speeches, whilst for bodyguard /peds you can also change the voice (providing it's a normal model).
-Vehicle Texture corrosion (for lack of a better description), on select vehicles, such as the Canis Bhodi, you can set the Texture corrosion. Thanks to arewenotmen for finding natives. This will also taken into account when saving and loading vehicles.
-added move_m@multiplayer to walking styles.
-some cutscenes don't play which causes the trainer to stall. I have added a 10 second wait, if after 10 seconds the cutscene doens't start the trainer will give up waiting and will return normally.
-added Add Waypoint to Mission Marker, press Pagedown (or use option in mission menu) and a waypoint will be placed on the mission marker.
-added the 60 predefined teleport slots to locations off other teleport menu, so you can just overwrite them without loosing them.
-controller support for vehicle rockets (B)
-change open menu for controllers to just X, menu cancel is just RB.
-added Bailbonds to pickup teleports (thanks to choc4444 for providing those).
-fixed vehicle god mode not being disabled in the last car the player used.
-added additional keybinds, RCTRL+0 for lock car and various stuff using I+num keys.

 PS: В GTA Online работает

Автор: Алексей Борисов (alexey2015)

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