Arma 2 — DayZ — anher0 A2 External

•No Fatigue
•God Mode (DayZ only for bullet/player damage; infrequently works on some other gamemodes. No fall damage/natural damage works everywhere)
•Thermal Vision
•Night Vision
•Speedhack (hold down left control to use)
•No Recoil (detected by infiSTAR, I did at one point use a different method but it caused infrequent annoying crashes, so...)
•Infinite Ammo
•No Bullet Drop
•Instant Bullets
•Change Weapon Damage
•Change View Distance
•Change Time
•No Grass
•Teleport to Vehicles/Players
•Infinite Fuel
•Repair Vehicles
•Spawn Weapons and Consumables

Запустите NarniaLoader.exe(Загрузит дрова, нужные дя чита)
Запустите Arma 2 in windowed mode, как только будете в игре запустите anher0.exe.
Нажмите num5
Используйте стрелки для выбора функции
Для телепортации используйте num0

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